10PIN MRconnect 4-CH RELAY

10PIN MRconnect 4-CH RELAY
$34.99, 10/$314.91, 25/$699.80

Product Description:

10PIN MRconnect 4-CH RELAY
MR-TEST-10P-4RELAY is a 4-CH relay output card. It designed to connect directly with 10PIN MRconnect. It is a quick and easy way to control up to 12A at 120VAC or 10A at 24VDC.

The relays required a very small current to drive due to the on-board Darlington driver circuit. Also, the driver pins are isolated from the relay driver circuitry. The diver pins can be select from 4-bit HIGH or 4-bit LOW of the 10PIN MRconnect. Each of the relay has an LED to indicate the state of the relay. The output terminals included COM (common), NO (normally open) and NC (normally close) contacts. The card can be power by using the power from the 10PIN MRconnect or external 2.5mm, center negative, 9-16VDC wall adapter or external power supply via the terminal block connector. The board is small in size 3.30 x 2.70 inches.


• 4-CH output relay with COM, NC and NC terminals
• 5VDC relay coil, control up to 12A 120VAC or 10A 24VDC
• Selectable driver pins from 4-bit HIGH or 4-bit LOW of the 10PIN MRconnect
• Selectable power supply from 10PIN MRconnect© or external
• On-board 5VDC regulator for the external supply
• Included 10 ribbon cable

For more information please see: MR-TEST-10P-4RELAY User Manual
Basic Stamp example code: BASIC_STAMP_MR-TEST-10P-4RELAY.bsp