10PIN MRconnect 8-DIP SWITCH

10PIN MRconnect 8-DIP SWITCH
$9.99, 10/$89.91, 50/$399.60

Product Description:

10PIN MRconnect 8-DIP SWITCH
MR-TEST-10P-8DIPSW (8-CH DIP SWITCH) is a microcontroller test/interface board. It designed to connect directly with 10PIN MRconnect. It is the best for all level of users from beginner to advance. You can simply use this module to interface directly to any microcontroller (i.e. Basic Stamp, PIC, 8051, 68HCxx, Z80, AVR, etc.). Also, it can be use alone with your electronic projects. This module is great for testing the input ports of your favorite microcontroller or use as any control input purposes.

The board consists of eight position DIP switch. It can be easily configure as pulled-up or pulled-down input pins by moving the slide switch to appropriate position. The module is power by VCC pin from the 10PIN MRconnect. It is small in size 3.30 x 1.00 inches.


The PCB size 3.30" X 1.00"
10-PIN header, 0.100" centers (10PIN MRconnect ready)
Ribbon cable female to female (for header connection or change the gender)

For more information please see: MR-TEST-10P-8DIPSW User Manual