12VDC 1A 2.1mm Negative Center Wall Adapter Switching Power Supply

12VDC 1A 2.1mm Negative Center Wall Adapter Switching Power Supply
Item# 12V1A-21-NEG-WALL
$7.99, 10/$71.91, 50/$319.60

Product Description:

High quality switching 'wall wart' 'wall adapter' AC to DC 12V 2A wall power supply. These are switch mode power supplies which mean the output is regulated to 12V. They take 100-240Vac 50/60Hz input and output 12V 1A. These will power most projects that don't require more than 1A of current. Center-negative 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector.

They are design to take up ONE position on your outlet strip or wall outlet. These will convert international voltage (100V-240Vac 50/60Hz) automatically; no transformer needed. The cable is about 4.5 ft. long. There is an LED indicator for supply OK. Great for many electronic projects!

There are 3 things to watch for when choosing wall adapter:
1) Voltage and Current (12V, 1A)
2) Plug size (2.1mm)
3) Center polarity (Negative center)


Specification: Mechanical Dimensions

We did some testing on these adapters and here are some of the measurements:

OUTPUT: 5.25V@no load
OUTPUT: 5.14V@0.5A
OUTPUT: 5.03V@1.0A
OUTPUT: 4.93V@1.5A
OUTPUT: 4.82V@2.0A

* We're no longer sell 2.5mm version of these adatpers. If you need 2.5mm or 1.4mm version just purchase these adapter cables below.

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2.1mmx5.5mm Female to 2.5mmx5.5mm Male Cable Adapter
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