132x132 Serial Color Graphic LCD

132x132 Serial Color Graphic LCD
Item# LCD6610
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Product Description:

132x132 Serial Color Graphic LCD
In our quest for easy to use, not to expensive, and not to hard to get color LCDs there's finaly some light at the end of the tunnel. The Nokia phones housing the displays we're talking about is the 6610.

This is a gorgeous 132x132 pixel serial color graphic LCD display. It is a small carrier board with Nokia 6610 LCD. This inexpensive LCD comes with a powerful software adjustable LED backlight. It uses a simple 3 wires serial SPI 9-bit interface. This is a nice compact color LCD board (1.7" x 2.2").

The very important and unique feature it can interface with 5V or 3.3V logic directly. Since the LCD takes 3.3V logic, there is an on-board logic converter so you can interface 5V microcontroller directly. There is also an on-board boost voltage circuit to drive the LED backlight at approximately 7.0V. You can even vampire a small current to from the boost circuit to power other circuitries. It is breadboard friendly so you can plug directly onto the breadboard. Only 6 connections are needed:

VCC (3.3V to 5.5V)
GND (supply ground)
RESET (LCD reset, active low)
SDATA (serial data)
SCLK (serial clock)
CS (chip select, active low)


LCD Logic: 3.3V or 5.0V
LED Backlight : 7V (On-board DC/DC converter)
132x132 pixel
0.1 spacing (breadboard ready)
4,096 Color Display
9-bit SPI
Uses the Epson S1D15G00 Controller
Connect directly to 3.3V or 5.0V microcontroller

Items included:

132x132 serial color graphic LCD with carrier board

NOTE: The display that is being used is either an Epson model or a Philips model. Although they are being used in the same phone, they have a different controller. The phone's firmware detects which display is attached to it (the displays have a hardwired ID).

How do you identify the type of controller you have on your board?

Philips controller has the green sticker label "NXP" on the LCD onnector.

          Epson                                   Philips (NXP) 


LCD6610 User Manual and Schematic
Nokia 6100 LCD Display Driver by James P. Lynch
Epson S1D15G00 Controller Datasheet
Philips (NXP) PCF8833 Controller Datasheet
Bitmap to array converter software
Tutorial for LCD6610 with an Atmel AVR (Epson Controller)
Tutorial for LCD6610 with an Atmel AVR (Philips Controller)
3D Graphics project on a PIC
ATMega644/128/32/16 cod - Care of Cathy
Gumstix Interface - Thanks Areth
PIC 18F4550 USB - Thanks Francesco
4096 Color Control Thanks Loren Blaney
Linux Driver - Thanks Zsolt
Image Converter - Thanks Jamie Samayoa
Bitmap Converter - Thanks Sebastian

Example Codes for Epson Controller:

Arduino Nano
Basic Stamp (modified from Terry's code)
LPC2138 (ARM7)
8051 (MCS51)
PIC18F458 (PIC)
LPC2148 from SFE, works with both controllers
ATmega8 from SFE

Example Codes for Philips Controller:

Arduino Nano
Basic Stamp (modified from Terry's code)
PIC18F458 (PIC)
STM32F103 (Cortex M3)
LPC2148 from SFE, works with both controllers

LCD6610 with Arduino Nano from Gravitech on Vimeo.

LCD6610 with Basic Stamp from Gravitech on Vimeo.