1GB microSD with 2 Adapters (Kingston) (OBSOLETED)

1GB microSD with 2 Adapters (Kingston) (OBSOLETED)
Item# SD-1GB
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Product Description:

The microSD/SD card is perfect way to storing/logging the massive data. It is fast and easy to interface with a microcontroller. It use SPI interface which allow any micro to read and write data in a large storage array.

Mfg. Description:

Useful in multiple devices, Kingston's microSD card with an extra miniSD and full-size SD adapter is a simple and practical, cross-platform storage solution. The adapters transform the microSD card into either a miniSD or full-size SD card, making it extremely versatile. With a 1 GB storage capacity, the microSD card alone provides plenty of removable space for music, games, ringtones, photos, movies, and other applications on mobile phones. Slip the microSD card into the miniSD adapter, and it transforms into a miniSD storage card for personal media players, smartphones, MP3 players, or other miniSD-enabled devices.

Use the adapter to capture photos from your digital camera by making the microSD a full-size SD card, and then view images with the Kingston SD-enabled readers or on your TV's SD slot. When the SD adapter is used with the microSD card, it quickly and easily saves files on a notebook computer with a full-size SD slot.

The combination of a microSD card and multiple adapters means users can pack light and do more with a single card, interchanging it with many devices. The Kingston MicroSD Card comes with a lifetime limited warranty.