20x4 White on Blue Character LCD with Backlight

20x4 White on Blue Character LCD with Backlight
Item# LCD-20x4B
$17.95, 15/$242.25

Product Description:

This is an industry standard HD44780 based controlled 4 lines x 20 characters LCD display with WHITE characters on BLUE background and backlight. It is a parallel interface so you will need 7 GPIO pins for 4-bit mode or 11 GPIO pins for 8-bit mode to interface to this LCD screen.


Wide viewing angle and high contrast
Industry standard HD44780 equivalent LCD controller built-in
+5V DC LED backlight
Don't need separate power supply for backlight
Supported 4 or 8 bit parallel interface
Display 4-line X 20-character
Operate with 5V DC
Free 16 positions male header


Module Size (W x H x T): 98mm X 60mm X 14mm
Black Metal Bezel (W x H): 98mm X 40mm
Viewing Area (W x H): 76mm X 25.2mm

Items included:

20x4 White on Blue Character LCD
16 positions male header


LCD-20x4B Datasheet
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LCDproc software for Linux to interface with the LCDs
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