2GB microSD Card (Dane-Elec) (OBSOLETED)

2GB microSD Card (Dane-Elec) (OBSOLETED)
Item# SD-2GB
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Product Description:

The microSD/SD card is perfect way to storing/logging the massive data. It is fast and easy to interface with a microcontroller. It use SPI interface which allow any micro to read and write data in a large storage array.

Mfg. Description:

microSD cards fulfill all the promises of the SD card format, but in a remarkable and highly adaptable size. microSD cards are always sold with adapters to convert the memory to either a miniSD or full-sized SD shape, for added utility. This feature enables the cards to be fully operational in virtually any SD-capable device.

Standard SD cards provide all the quality and dependability you’ve come to trust from Dane-Elec, at a remarkable value. You can stock up on these cost-effective cards and use them to organize your digital assets around time periods or special events. All Dane-Elec SD cards include a 10-year warranty.


• Compatible with cell phones & mobile devices with microSD or standard Secure Digital Card slots
• Uses micro SD adapter to fit standard Secure Digital Card slots
• Standard 60X speed
• Non-volatile solid-state with no moving parts for durability & maximum battery power
• File & encryption protection
• 10-year warranty
• 2 GB