2MOTOR w/ Feedback Control add-on for Arduino Nano

2MOTOR w/ Feedback Control add-on for Arduino Nano
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Product Description:

Great news for Arduino Nano owners!!!

This add-on module allows you to control up to two DC motors at maximum of 2A/motor using the Arduino Nano. You get all of the benefits of using the Arduino Nano. This includes breadboard friendliness for quick prototyping. It is fully assembled with long pin headers so you don’t need to purchase and solder the headers separately. You’re ready to go out of the box! Yes, you get the same stackable benefits as the Arduino shields. Its small size of 3.7”x1.0” makes it easy to hide or fit in a small project box.

The 2MOTOR-4NANO module comes with feedback back current sense circuitries for both of the motors independently. So not only can you control the speed of the motor using PWM, but also you can sense the load of the motor and adjust your control accordingly. The design is featured with a high quality 2oz copper and gold plated PCB. The two high grade 220uF decoupling capacitors keep the noise low. We use 3.5mm pitch screw terminals for quick and easy motor connections. You can use up to 18AWG wire (16AWG if you try hard!). This module is based on the L298 Dual Full H-Bridge driver.


• D4: Direction control of Motor A
• D5: PWM speed control of Motor A
• D6: PWM speed control of Motor B
• D7: Direction control of Motor B
• A0: Current sense of Motor A
• A1: Current sense of Motor B


• 2Amps per motor, 24VDC maximum motor voltage
• Dual Full H-Bridge driver with PWM control
• Feedback current sense with amplification
• Back EMF clamping diodes
• 2oz gold plated PCB
• Large high quality decoupling capacitors
• Breadboard friendly, small size 3.7”x1.0”
• 4 mounting holes for standalone application
• Long header pins for stackability


• Schematic
• Mechanical Dimensions
• L298 Dual Full H-Bridge datasheet
• Example code (coming soon)

*** Arduino Nano is NOT included ***

NOTE: "7-12V" on the silkscreen for power input is the range if you want to use external power supply to power run Arduino Nano via jumper on "VIN". Otherwise, the input can be up to 24VDC to run the motors.