4x4 Touch Pad (Capacitive Technology)

4x4 Touch Pad (Capacitive Technology)
Item# 4x4-TOUCH-CAP
$32.99, 10/$296.90

Product Description:

This is a very nice 4x4 key pad touch screen sensor using capacitive technology. It is so sensitive that you don't need to touch directly on the PCB like many other competitive modules. It includes the 2mm clear plastic face plate so that the keypress label can be inserted. The individual LED status indicator and buzzer beep for each keypress help enhance this 4x4 key pad. The user can interface using parallel BCD or serial UART format.


16 Keys, 4x4 touching pad (capacitive sensing technology)
Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V system
Interfaces directly to any microcontroller or microprocessor
LED indication and beeper sound for each individual keypress provide feedback to operator
Running lights and sound at the start up
Serial (UART-9600baud) and Parallel (BCD8421) outputs
Include 2mm thick clear plastic face plate (other materials can be use)
A special function (FUN) key can be used with another keypress to expand the number of keypresses (pressing two keys simultaneously)
Automatically enter Sleep Mode after 8 sec. of no activity
2mA current consumption in Sleep Mode
Cost effective


User Manual

Example interface source code (more detail in User Manual):

AVR Mega 64/128 (C-WIN AVR)

ARM7 LPC2138 (C-Keil Compiler)

MCS51 AT89C51ED2 (C-Keil Compiler)

4x4 Touch Pad (Capacitive Technology) from Gravitech on Vimeo.