AC Buzzer 4V-8V

AC Buzzer 4V-8V
Item# BUZ-AC

Product Description:

AC Buzzer 4V-8V

This buzzer is great from many projects that need ... beeps. It is an AC buzzer which mean you need to drive it with an AC signal (ie. PWM). It is good for 4-8 VACpp with maximum sound of 85dB at 2.4 KHz resonant frequency. It is lound enough to use as an audio alert. For some reason we don't know why the Mfg spec below say VDC, but for sure this is an AC buzzer.

Mfg. Specifications:

Model RDI-DTM-1206
Rated Voltage 6VDC
Operating Voltage 4VDC - 8VDC
Current Consumption* 40mA max.
Sound Pressure** 85 dB min.
Coil Resistance*** 50 OHM
Resonant Frequency 2,200 Hz
Operating Temp -40 ~+85degree C
Weight 2 gram

* Applying rated voltage (square wave, 1/2 duty, resonant frequency)
** Distance at 10 cm (applying rated voltage: 2,700 Hz, 1/2 duty, square wave)
*** Applying resonant frequency, sine wave, measuring current 60mA


RDI-DTM-1206 datasheet: RDI-DMT-1206_Datasheet.pdf