Arduino/Seeeduino/Freeduino Harness Kit (OBSOLETED)

Arduino/Seeeduino/Freeduino Harness Kit (OBSOLETED)
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Product Description:

The Arduino/Seeeduino/Freeduino Harness Kit provides a solid mounting & power solution for your next physical computing project! Makes it easy to mount your Arduino compatible board and a 9v battery on board.

Including with this kit:

9V Battery Case x1
2.1mm DC jack to pin plug adapter x1
Arduino/Seeeduino Chasis x1
(Plastic holder - remove paper backing on both sides before assembling)
Metal screws with nuts x3
Small washers to go with metal screws x3
Black plastic pins to secure board x3
Black plastic feet x4
Short plastic pins to push into feet x4

Assembly Instructions:

1. Use the three included tiny metal screws to secure the battery clip to the top of the holder, finishing on the underside with the three washers, and three metal nuts.

2. Place your board on the holder, keeping the three mounting holes lined up with the three holes on the holder. Press the three long black plastic clips in, and they will snap the board onto the holder.

3. You should have 4 feet left, and 4 short black pins. Flip the holder over so the bottom is facing up, and place the feet into each of the 4 large corner holes. Once in the hole, press each short pin through the bottom of each foot, which will secure the foot to the holder.