ARM7 LPC2378 with 2.8" TFT Touch Screen LCD 240 x 320 BlueScreen

ARM7 LPC2378 with 2.8" TFT Touch Screen LCD 240 x 320 BlueScreen
Item# ARM7-009

Product Description:

ARM7 LPC2378 with 2.8" TFT Touch Screen LCD 240 x 320 BlueScreen
BlueScreen is a touch screen development board comes with NXP’s powerful ARM7 LPC2378, a resistive-type-2.8-inch touch screen, 2.8" TFT LCD, micro-SD card socket, and 8kB EEPROM.

This development system is full of peripheral drivers and advance software modules i.e. screen object manager, command line interface, SPI interface, I2C interface.


• 240x320 pixels resistive-type 2.8" touch screen TFT LCD
• Built-in LCD driver (ILI9325)
• Touch screen controller (AD7843)
• Micro-SD card socket (connected via SPI interface) support up to 2GB capacity (High capacity: ‘HC’ type not supported)
• On board 8kB EEPROM (the last 128 bytes are reserved for screen calibrated parameters)
• Expansion port for SPI and UART signals I/O from MCU
• UART connector for command line interface and in-system programming (TTL 3.3v with 5v tolerant)
• 16 pins GPIO output
• Mini-B USB connection (can be used to power the board)

Free source code:

Demo program
• MP3 player with graphic user interface (VS1011 module required, P/N VS1011-TH)

Command line interface library
• Show image from SD card
• SD card commands e.g. change directory, list, open read, open write
• Audio related commands e.g. play, pause, increase, decrease volume

Screen object library
• Design your screen with object oriented method, the running background software will manage which object should be operated

Low level drivers library
• LCD driver ILI9325
• Touch screen controller (AD7843) driver
• Serial port
• SPI interface
• I2C interface

Items included:

• BlueScreen Board
• USB cable (mini-B to A)


BlueScreen User Manual
LCD Datasheet (ELT240320ATP)
LCD Driver Datasheet (ILI9325)
BlueScreen Schematic
App Note ANBS1.00.01 Using VSAudioCmd() function and audio command (VS1011.c)
App Note ANBS1.00.02 BlueScreen Port Connections
App Note ANBS1.00.03 Migrating from ILI9320 to ILI9325

Source code (Keil RealView C code):

MP3 Player Example Code
BlueScreen Test Library

Source code (Eclips w/CDT and GNU ARM toolchains):

BlueScreen Test Library - Thanks John G.
You need an Eclipse w/CDT and one of the GNU ARM toolchains (ie. yagarto or WinARM). The GNU tool chain needs to be in your path before starting Eclipse. The only other place where there is a hard coded path is in one of the top level build paths where is specifies the library path...

Software Tools:

Flash Magic (Programmer tool using .hex generated code, no debugging capability)
Keil RealView Complier V3.4 (IDE C/C++ Complier and Debugger)
Bitmap to Hex converter software (Bitmap file convert software to Hex output for use in your C program)
YAGARTO (Yet another GNU ARM toolchain IDE)
OpenOCD Open On-Chip Debugger
GNUE Toolchain for ARM
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM

BlueScreen MP3 Demo from Gravitech on Vimeo.

BlueScreen Form Demo from Gravitech on Vimeo.

Videos by Youtube user ID "ak1m0t0", thank you for your contributed.

Spectogram HI-RES on BlueScreen from Gravitech on Vimeo.

Canon Rock on BlueScreen from Gravitech on Vimeo.

Histogram on BlueScreen from Gravitech on Vimeo.

Spectogram on BlueScreen from Gravitech on Vimeo.

BlueScreen with dsPIC30F4011 from Gravitech on Vimeo.