Arduino Nano add-on Modules

Arduino Nano add-on Modules
Item# Nano-addon

Product Description:

Great news for Arduino Nano owners!!!

We're excited to launch these new add-on modules for the Arduino Nano. They enhance the ability of the Arduino Nano while maintaining breadboard friendliness and ease of quick prototyping. Below are some of the modules. More to come soon!

- ETHERNET-4NANO: Open Arduino Nano to the internet.
- MP3-4NANO: Play MP3 files on the Micro-SD card.
- USBHOST-4NANO: Open communication to USB devices.
- XBEE-4NANO: Wireless communication with ability to update firmware OTA.
- 2MOTOR-4NANO: Enables mechanical projects to control up to two DC motors and has built-in feedback loop circuitry.

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