AVR XMEGA128A1 Development Board

AVR XMEGA128A1 Development Board
$49.95, 10/$449.50, 50/$1,998.00

Product Description:

This development board uses AVR XMEGA128A1 MCU from ATMEL. It has high speed to process data, low power consumption, higher stability of clock system with interrupt input detection. It comes with 8MHz crystal (can run up to 32MHz using PLL), 32.768KHz for RTC, 3.3V regulator, microSD slot, UART driver with DB9 cable, all I/O breakout, PDI connector for download program, GPLED, GPSW, AVR-JTAG connector for debugging and more.

* Product come with very useful CD contains example code, manual, bootloader, datasheet, application notes and more.


218K Byte Flash Program/ 8K byte SRAM/ 2kByte EEPROM
100PIN TQFP, run at 1.6V-3.6V ( RUN 32 MHz at 2.7V- 3.6V and 12MHz at .6V)
4CH DMA, 8 CH 16 BIT Timer/ Counter, 4 CH C2C, 4 CH SPI
8 CH USART and 1 CH can be programmed to be IRDA
16 CH 12 BIT ADC (2MSPS), 4CH 12 BIT DAC (1MSPS)
Circuit AES and DES to encode and decode
Set priority level of INTERRUPT
Has JTAG System (IEEE 1149.1) to PROGRAM and DEBUG
HAS PDI (Program and Debug Interface) for PROGRAM and DEBUG
XTAL 8MHz; able to use circuit PLL internal MCU to run 32 MHz
Use circuit RTC with XTAL 32.768KHz internal MCU
Support IN-SYSTERM PROGRAM in the format of PDI through Connector 6PIN HEADER (according to standard of ATMEL) ( compatible with ET-AVR ISP mkII)
Programmable data in MCU through PORT RS232 on board, without using any COPY or DOWNLOAD. Pre-installed BOOT LOADER into MCU.
Micro-SD Card Socket
2 CH 4 PIN ETT Port RS232
1 SW Input Port Test, 1 Output Led Test, 1 SW Reset
72 bit I/O with 9 connectors, 10 Pin Header for A/D, D/A, I2C, SPI, USART and Input Output (I/O Port run 3.6V at maximum)
Use +5VDC Power Supply with Circuit 3.3V Regulate on Board and 2 Pin Connector
Board Dimensions: 3.19 x 2.4 x 0.53
Kit includes: XMEGA128AT Board, User Manual and Program CD, and RS232 cable.


ATXMEGA128A1 Datasheet
AVR-XMEGA128A1-DEV Manual (in Thai language, but have some useful pictures)