Basic Stamp i-Stamp2P24

Basic Stamp i-Stamp2P24
Item# i-Stamp2P24

Product Description:

i-Stamp2P24 is the emulator of BS2P24-IC module which is designed by Innovative Experiment Co.,Ltd., Thailand under the co-operation with Parallax Inc., manufacture BASIC Stamp from USA.

The size is different from BS2P24-IC. i-Stamp2P24 requires 24-pin female header to fit on the board. Also, there is no Vin pin because has no build-in on-board +5V regulator. The i-Stamp2P24 use BASIC Stamp interpreter licensed by Parallax Inc.


Compatible with the BASIC Stamp 2P-24 module (BS2P24-IC)
20MHz clock frequency. Operate up to 12,000 P-BASIC command/second
16KByte memory, separate 8 sections, 2KByte/each, erasable 100,000+ times
32 byte RAM with 64 byte Scratchpad RAM
Consumption of 65mA in full operation and 200uA in sleep mode
Connecting to PC's serial port for programming and debugging
16 I/O, freedom separated work or set in groups from 4, 8 and 16 pins
30mA/30mA source/sink current. Maximum 60mA/60mA source/sink current per 8-pin groups (P0-P7/P8-P15)
I/O pin can drive LED (with current limit resistor) and 6V servo motor directly
LED power status
Board size 1.9" x 0.95"
Develop with BASIC Stamp Editor program (V2.39 or higher)


User Manual

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