Cucumber RIS ESP32-S2 Development Board with Sensors

Cucumber RIS ESP32-S2 Development Board with Sensors
Item# GRDE-3929
$21.25, 10/$191.30, 100/$1,807.00

Product Description:

Cucumber RIS is a WiFi IoT development board. It features the latest ESP32-S2 chipset from Espressif (ESP32-S2-WROVER-I). RIS version is using external antenna via u.FL connector (antenna included). It is a special version which include many on-board sensors. I.E. HS221 Temperature & Humidity sensor, MPU-6050 3-axis Accelerometer & 3-axis Gyroscope, BMP280 Pressure sensor. It is packed with many goodies. I.E. x2 USB Type-C (debug and OTG), FTDI chip for USB-to-Serial converter which highly compatible with most computers, RGB LED which use only one signal line and can mix up to over 16 million color, TX/RX, IO2 and PWR LED, colorful sticker indicate the pin function. Cucumber RIS come in a nice clear plastic box for ease of storage. All these functions in less than $22USD.

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