dsPIC30F4011 Development Board

dsPIC30F4011 Development Board
Item# DEV-DSPIC30F4011
$65.00, 10/$585.00

Product Description:

This is a great inexpensive compact controller is ideal for motor controller applications. Utilizing the powerful, high-performance Microchip dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller, this microcontroller features a high speed core optimized to perform complex calculations quickly. The microcontroller includes a large 48kB internal flash memory and a wide range of timers together with a number of PWM modules for adjustable motor speed control.

The dsPIC30F4011 Microcontroller also includes a 9-channel 10-bit A/D convertor with fast response time together with support for SPI and I?C communication. In-circuit programming is available for both the PIC Programmer as well as the Microchip ICD2 unit. Programs can also checked and debugged with the Microchip In-Circuit Debugging tool, the ICD2. The microcontroller also includes RS232 support, for direct connection and data transfer with a laptop or computer.

The dsPIC30F4011 Controller board also includes a large number of general I/O points with standard header connections for easy connection to external devices. All the necessary support components are included on the board, together with a Power and Programming LED's for easy status indication. A reset switch and prog/run switch is provided, with a LCD connection provided for standard character LCD's, together with contrast adjustment for easy set-up.


High Performance Microchips dsPIC30F4011-30I/P microcontroller runnint at 29.4912MHz
4-channels INPUT CAPTURE
10 BIT A to D converter / 9-channels 500KSPS
2-channels UART
Use CRYSTAL 7.3728MHz, capable of using PLL with the RUN frequency up to 29.412MHZ
RS232 connector with 2-channel 4Pin ETT
14 PIN HEADER LCD compatible to with LCD for Character Type Applications
1 Testing LED by using RBO
RJ11 ICD2 Port, ICD2 MICROCHIPS standard. Supports IN-CIRCUIT and DEBUG. Contains PROGRAM/DEBUG and RUN switch. Contains LED displaying the modes of function.
AC/DC Power Supply with 7-10V Input. Contains 5V/1A Switching LM2575 Regulator to reduce heat from the circuit.
3 Sets of IO Port 10 PIN ETT
PCB Dimensions: 8cm x 6 cm (3.15 inch x 2.36 inch)



Picture shows the components on board:

#1 Power input jack (7-20 VAC or VDC)
#2 Switching voltage regulator (5V 1A)
#3 General purpose LED (RB0)
#4 Jumper for GPLED (RB0)
#5 Potentiometer for adjusting the contrast on the LCD
#6 14-PIN IDE for LCD connections
#7 Jumper for selecting R/W pin on the LCD
#8 MCU reset button
#9 ICD2 connection for the debugger
#10 Mode switch (Run/Program)
#11 Red LED - indicate Program Mode
#12 Green LED - indicate Run Mode
#13 UART2 connector (RF4-RX2, RF5-TX2)
#14 UART1 connector (RC13-TX1, RC14-RX1)
#15 Jumper for selecting RC13, RC14, RF4, RF5 to be UART or GPIO
#16 Connections for RC13, RC14, RD0, RD1, RD2 and RD3
#17 Connections for RF0-RF6
#18 Power indicator LED
#19 Connections for RE0-RE6 and RE8
#20 Connections for RB0-RB7
#21 MCU

I/O ports:

LCD Connections:

UART Connections:

The board comes with MAX3232 chip make it ready for PC UART connections.

Prog/Run Circuit

Switched Mode Power Circuit

High quality switching mode power supply with 5V 1A output.