I2C 12-Bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter

I2C 12-Bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter
Item# I2C-ADC
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Product Description:

I2C 12-Bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter
The I2C-ADC board is an I2C 12-bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter module. The module can be configured as a Single-Ended Inputs Mode or Differential Inputs Mode. There are no external components required. Only two signal lines SDA and SCL plus supply voltage and ground are required to be connected. This makes it perfect for embedded systems that require more input/output ports.

This board features innovations that set it apart from other ADC module. Innovations feature like on-board I2C address jumpers, pull-up resistors, power LED and 2.5V reference. The module can be quickly connected directly on to the breadboard. The board is small and compact in size 0.70 x 0.70 inches.

The I2C-ADC is designed base on ADS7828 IC. It is a single-supply, low-power, 12-bit data acquisition device that features a serial I2C interface and an 8-channel multiplexer. The Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converter features a sample-and-hold amplifier and internal, asynchronous clock. The combination of an I2C serial, 2-wire interface and micropower consumption makes the

I2C-ADC ideal for applications requiring the A/D converter to be close to the input source in remote locations and for applications requiring isolation.

Two jumper pins vary the fixed I2C address and allow up to four devices to share the same I2C bus. That is total of 32 channels.


Stand alone module, no external components required
On-board I2C address jumpers, pull-up resistors, power LED and 2.5V reference
Decoupling supply voltage
Design easy for breadboard
High quality double sided PCB
All SMT components
Small and compact in size 0.70 x 0.70 inches
Dual row 0.6 width, 0.1 pitch header pins
Operating power supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5V
Suitable for 3.3V or 5.0V microcontroller
8-Channel multiplexer
50kHz sampling rate
Internal 2.5V reference
I2C interface supports: Standard, Fast and High-Speed Modes

For more information please see: I2C-ADC User Manual
Basic Stamp BS2P example code: I2C-ADC.bsp
PICAXE example code: I2C-ADC-PICAXE.bas
Arduino example code: I2C-ADC-Arduino.pde
ADS7828 datasheet: ADS7828.pdf