Joystick Shield Kit

Joystick Shield Kit
$11.99, 10/$107.90

Product Description:

The Joystick Shield kit contains all the parts you need to enable your Arduino Duemilanove with a joystick! The shield sits on top of your Arduino and turns it into a simple controller. Five momentary push buttons (4+ joystick select button) and a two-axis thumb joystick gives your Arduino functionality on the level of old Nintendo controllers.

Soldering is required, but it's relatively easy and requires minimal tools. Here is a step by step guide!

The momentary push buttons are connected to Arduino digital pins 2-6; when pressed they will pull the pin low (utilizing the internal pull-ups of the Arduino). Vertical movement of the joystick will produce a proportional analog voltage on analog pin 0, likewise, horizontal movement of the joystick can be tracked on analog pin 1.

This product is the entire kit and contains the following items:

1x Joystick Shield PCB
4x Momentary Push Button Switch - 12mm Square
1x Thumb Joystick
1x Momentary Push Buttons (breaks out Arduino's reset switch)
2x 6-pin Male Header
2x 8-pin Male Header


Joystick Assembly Tutorial
Eagle Files
Arduino Sample Sketch