JTAG USB ICE Programmer/Debugger for ARM processors

JTAG USB ICE Programmer/Debugger for ARM processors

Product Description:

It is a high speed USB MINI JTAG ICE Programmer nd Debugger for ARM processors. You can easily download, and debug embedded applications on actual target hardware by using the Keil uVision3 IDE/Debugger software.


On-chip JTAG Debugging.
Download programs to target board device.
Erase programs from target board device.
Full Speed USB interface to Host PC, high programming speed.
Diagnostic LEDs.
Built-in 20-Pin JTAG connector for ARM targets.
USB bus powered, no external power supply is needed.
Compatible with Ulink USB-JTAG Adapter.
Support uVision3 IDE/Debugger.
Compact design with SMD Tech, more reliable.
Mini Size.

Included items:

USB JTAG-ICE Programmer and Debugger
USB Cable


User Manual

Supported Devices:

Analog Devices (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, ADuC7024, ADuC7025, ADuC7026, ADuC7027, ADuC7032, ADuC7033, ADuC7128, ADuC7129

Atmel (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
AT91C140, AT91F40416, AT91F40816, AT91FR40162, AT91FR4042, AT91FR4081, AT91M40400, AT91M40800, AT91M40807, AT91M42800A, AT91M43300, AT91M55800A, AT91M63200, AT91R40008, AT91R40807, AT91RM3400, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM7A1, AT91SAM7A2, AT91SAM7A3, AT91SAM7S128, AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM7S32, AT91SAM7S64, AT91SAM7SE256, AT91SAM7SE32, AT91SAM7SE512, AT91SAM7X128, AT91SAM7X256, AT91SAM7XC128, AT91SAM7XC256, AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261

Freescale Semiconductor (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
MAC7101, MAC7104, MAC7105, MAC7106, MAC7111, MAC7112, MAC7114, MAC7115, MAC7116, MAC7121, MAC7122, MAC7124, MAC7125, MAC7126, MAC7131, MAC7134, MAC7135, MAC7136, MAC7141, MAC7142, MAC7144

Luminary Micro (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
LM3S101, LM3S102, LM3S301, LM3S310, LM3S315, LM3S316, LM3S328, LM3S601, LM3S610, LM3S611, LM3S612, LM3S613, LM3S615, LM3S628, LM3S801, LM3S811, LM3S812, LM3S815, LM3S828

OKI (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
ML674000, ML674001, ML674002, ML674003, ML675001, ML675002, ML675003, ML67Q4050, ML67Q4051, ML67Q4060, ML67Q4061, ML696201, ML69Q6203

NXP (founded by Philips) (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
LPC2101, LPC2102, LPC2103, LPC2104, LPC2105, LPC2106, LPC2114, LPC2119, LPC2124, LPC2129, LPC2131, LPC2132, LPC2134, LPC2136, LPC2138, LPC2141, LPC2142, LPC2144, LPC2146, LPC2148, LPC2194, LPC2210, LPC2212, LPC2214, LPC2220, LPC2290, LPC2292, LPC2294, LPC2364, LPC2366, LPC2368, LPC2378, LPC2458, LPC2468, LPC2880, LPC2888, LPC3180

Samsung (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
S3C2410A, S3C2440A, S3C44B0X, S3C4510B

Sharp (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
LH75400, LH75401, LH75410, LH75411

STMicroelectronics (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
STR710FZ1, STR710FZ2, STR711FR0, STR711FR1, STR711FR2, STR712FR0, STR712FR1, STR712FR2, STR715FR0, STR730FZ1, STR730FZ2, STR731FV0, STR731FV1, STR731FV2, STR735FZ1, STR735FZ2, STR736FV0, STR736FV1, STR750FL2, STR750FV0, STR750FV1, STR750FV2, STR751FR0, STR751FR1, STR751FR2, STR752FR0, STR752FR1, STR752FR2, STR755FR0, STR755FR1, STR755FR2, STR755FV0, STR755FV1, STR755FV2, STR910FM32, STR910FW32, STR911FM42, STR911FM44, STR912FW42, STR912FW44

TI (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3 Family)
TMS470R1A128, TMS470R1A256, TMS470R1A288, TMS470R1A384, TMS470R1A64, TMS470R1B1M, TMS470R1B512, TMS470R1B768