Jumper Wires Pack F/M (Qty 24)

Jumper Wires Pack F/M (Qty 24)
$7.99, 10/$71.91, 50/$319.60

Product Description:

These are the highest quality flexible female to male cable jumper wires. This type of breadboard cable wires are most preferred. Wires are flexible, durable, reusable, easy to trace, easy to connect and disconnect. Quality projects deserve use of these quality jumper wires. Use these to jumper between any male to female headers or between male header to point on the breadboard. Multiple jumpers can be installed next to each other on a 0.1" spacing. Each pack contains 24 wires.

You get 6 different colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, & Black

Items included:

24 cable wires per pack

12 pcs 12" length
12 pcs 6" length