Mini 4x4 Matrix Keyboard BOARD

Mini 4x4 Matrix Keyboard BOARD
Item# MR-MINI-4x4KEY
$12.99, 10/$116.91, 50/$519.60

Product Description:

Mini 4x4 Matrix Keyboard BOARD
MR-MINI-4x4KEY is a 4x4 matrix keyboard module. It is 10-PIN MRconnect ready. It has 8 pins to interface with MCU (microcontroller). PIN1-PIN4 (COLUMN) is INPUT for MCU to reads the status of key pressing. PIN5-PIN8 (ROW) is OUTPUT for MCU to send logic LOW to scan key press on each row. MCU operation is sending logic LOW into each key’s ROW (PIN5-PIN8). The MCU is then reading the status of key press from PIN1-PIN4. If any key is pressed, the status read logic LOW, otherwise the logic is HIGH. PCB size is 2.20” x 1.70”


• 10-PIN MRconnect ready
• +3.0V to +5VDC supply voltage
• On-board pulled-up resistors
• Small and compact in size
• Four mounting holes on each corner

For more information please see: MR-MINI-4x4KEY User Manual