Mini +5V <=> +3.3V LEVEL SHIFTER

Mini +5V <=> +3.3V LEVEL SHIFTER
$11.99, 10/$107.91, 50/$479.60

Product Description:

Mini +5V <=> +3.3V LEVEL SHIFTER
MR-MINI-LEVEL-SHIFTER is a device that translate +5V to +3.3V logic or +3.3V to +5V logic. There are no external components required. This makes it perfect for embedded systems that need to interface with different logic level.

The board features innovations that set it apart from other level-shifter board. Innovations feature like on-board +3.3 voltage regulator, jumpers select direction, male and female input/output terminals and power on LED. The module can be easy to interface via male or female headers. The board is small can compact in size 2.20 x 1.70 inches.

The MR-MINI-LEVEL-SHIFTER is designed base on 74LCX245 IC. It is eight non-inverting bidirectional buffers. The device is designed for low voltage (3.3V) VCC applications with capability of interfacing to a 5V signal environment.


+3.3V <=> +5V level shifter
On-board +3.3V/500mA voltage regulator (can be use as supply power to +3.3V devices)
Eight non-inverting bidirectional buffers
Power on LED
Jumpers direction selection
Small and compact in size
Four mounting holes on each corner
Male and Female header inputs

For more information please see: MR-MINI-LEVEL-SHIFTER User Manual