Mini 7-Segment Common Cathode

Mini 7-Segment Common Cathode
$6.99, 10/$62.91, 50/$279.60

Product Description:

Mini 7-Segment Common Cathode
MR-MINI-7SEG-CC is a common cathode 7-segment with integrated on-board current limited resistors. It is 10-PIN MRconnect ready. It can be plug directly onto 10-PIN MRconnect connector. User can interface the signal from I/O pins of any microcontroller to the connector on the bottom of the module. Figure 1shown the bottom view of the connector.

The module can be interface by connect the common pin to GND and pin a-dp to 8-bit I/O pins of any microcontroller. A segment can be light up by sending logic HIGH to the display. It is easier to decode if user interface I/O pin of microcontroller as same as 7-segment’s pin arrangement. PCB size is 1.20” x 0.90”


• 10-PIN MRconnect ready
• +3.3 or +5VDC logic
• Onboard current limited resistors
• Small and compact in size
• Female header connector

For more information please see: MR-MINI-7SEG-CC User Manual