Mini Stepping Motor

Mini Stepping Motor
$24.99, 10/$224.91, 25/$499.80

Product Description:

Mini Stepping Motor
MR-MINI-STEP-MOTOR is a Stepping Motor board. The stepping resolution is about 18degree per step. It designed to use BC547 transistor for driving circuit and LEDs indicate when logic HIGH is sending to each phase. LED is illuminating when the phase is running. The board is included on-board step motor. The board is small can compact in size 2.20 x 1.70 inches.


User is required to continuously send logic HIGH to each phase sequentially. It can be start from any phase. The module consist of INA, INB, INC and IND pins. These pins are easily connecting to the microcontroller via male or female header pins.

For more information please see: MR-MINI-STEP-MOTOR User Manual