Mylar Capacitor Kit - 20 values

Mylar Capacitor Kit - 20 values

Product Description:

This low moisture absorption capacitor also known as Polyester Film Capacitors (Mylar). It is mainly used for general purpose applications or semi-critical circuits with operating temperatures up to 125C.

Each bag is neatly label with its own individual capacitance value for your convenient! Ready to be use in the lab experiment!

Values Included (5% 100V):

- 0.01uF, 0.012uF, 0.018uF, 0.022uF, 0.027uF
- 0.033uF, 0.068uF, 0.1uF, 0.33uF
- 1.0nF, 1.2nF, 1.8nF, 2.2nF, 3.3nF
- 3.9nF, 4.7nF, 5.6nF, 6.8nF, 8.2nF

Items Included:

- 20 packs per Kit
- Each pack contains 10 capacitors