Naked Pi B+ Case

Naked Pi B+ Case
Item# Naked-Pi
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Product Description:

Introducing a success project from the KickStarter.
The Naked Pi B+!

The Naked Pi is a transparent acrylic case for the Raspberry Pi B+ that allows you to enjoy the beautiful details of the Pi.

The idea is to make a minimal cover that can be used to protect your Pi during the early stages of your project, has a small enough footprint to be integrated into your project permanently and can even add a professional look and finish at the end, should you wish to show it off. Our case has a small footprint, elegant design, and is easy to assemble. Reveal the elegance of the Pi B+, and keep it safe with the “Naked Pi”. It comes with 4 pieces and a set of 4 screws and nuts make it ready to assemble.


Assembly Instruction
Mechanical Drawing