New RCA Breakout Boards!

New RCA Breakout Boards!
Item# RCA-BO

Product Description:

New series of RCA breakout boards! We've single jack with 6 different colors RED, WHITE, YELLOW, BLACK, BLUE and GREEN. These breakout boards are the RCA connectors breakout board to the screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. The connections are also available via 0.1" header pins. We've included a male header strip. You can solder it on the top and use with these female to male jumper wires for connections. Or solder it on the bottom and use it directly on the breadboad. This breakout board is perfect for field wiring tasks and may be mounted on the box using the four available mounting holes.

  Single RCA Jack - Red   $6.99

  Single RCA Jack - White   $6.99

  Single RCA Jack - Yellow   $6.99

  Single RCA Jack - Black   $6.99

  Single RCA Jack - Blue   $6.99

  Single RCA Jack - Green   $6.99

  3 RCA Jacks - Red, White, Yellow   $12.99