Proto Shield Kit

Proto Shield Kit

Product Description:

We're now carry Proto Shield from Ladyada!

This is a design for an open-source prototyping shield for Arduino NG/Diecimila/Duemilanove. It has tons of cool features, to make prototyping on your Arduino easy.

•Compatible with NG, Diecimila or Duemilanove
•Reset button up top
•ICSP header
•Lots of GND and +5V rails
•DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more chips
•SOIC prototyping area above USB jack for up to 14-pin SOIC chip, narrow medium or wide package.
•Use 'mini' or 'medium' breadboard
•Two 3mm LEDs with matching resistors
•Extra 6mm button

Documents and more info:

Proto Shield Mfg link (More information, including design notes, schematics, etc)

The kit comes all of the parts and easy to assembled. Please check Parts List document from Proto Shield Mfg link for more detail. There is a beginning experience with soldering iron required. Please see Assembly Instruction for more detail.