Round Momentary Push Button 27mm - Blue

Round Momentary Push Button 27mm - Blue
$1.95, 10/$17.50, 25/$39.00

Product Description:

Take control of your project with this momentary push button. This switch features a white plastic body with a blue button. This flat topped button can be mounted into any project that needs it. With both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) leads, this switch will supply momentary power to the normally open lead (NO) as long as the button is depressed. Produces a satisfying click when button is pressed. Color: white body and bezel with blue button.


Round plastic body
Easy screw mount
Blade connectors
Blue button


Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
15A @ 125 Vac
15A @ 250 Vac
0.6A @ 125 Vdc
0.3A @ 250 Vdc
Mounting Hole Diameter: 27 mm ( 1.063 )
Body Size: 56 mm x 27 mm ( 2.205 x 1.063 )
Bezel size: 34 mm (1.339)
Bezel/Body Color: White
Button Color: Blue
Blade Size: 4.75 mm x 1 mm ( 0.187 x 0.039 )
Blade Spacing: 4.75 mm ( 0.187 )