Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit (USB)

Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit (USB)
Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit (USB)
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Product Description:

Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit (USB)
This is a USB version, which means you can communicate directly to the board via computer USB port or using a microcontroller. For a NON-USB version click here.

*** LCD is NOT included. It can be purchase here. All SMT components are pre-soldered on the board (USB connector and USB-to-UART IC).***

The SLCD-3 is designed base on a popular serial LCD driver IC, created by Maryland EE professor Peter Anderson. It is the display unit for an associated controller. The controller may be anything from a single board, special purpose microcontroller to a PC, depending on the application. This controller is responsible for what you see on the LCD screen.

The SLCD-3 provides a simple command structure to allow text to be displayed on the screen. Text fonts are built in, and use standard ASCII mapping. Provision is made for up to 8 user-defined characters.

On a non-USB version, the serial UART interface is TTL. That is, the idle state is a TTL logic one, or near +5VDC. This is often termed non-inverting or true. This provides direct compatibility with the UART associated with a PIC, 8051, 68HCxx, Z80, SerOut on a Basic Stamp, and Com3 on a BX24. The board rate is fixed at 9600. Virtually any application can support 9600 baud.

For a USB version, the feature of USB to serial UART is added. By connecting the unit with the computer via USB A to miniB cable, a virtual COM port on the computer is created. User may use any favorite terminal programs (i.e. Hyperterminal, Putty, TeraTerm or etc.) to communicate directly to SLCD-3 unit. A custom program can be written to communicate the SLCD-3 via a virtual COM port. Essentially this is a direct way to interface with a computer. The unit can also be powered with the USB port from the computer (hardware jumper).

The SLCD-3 is compatible with any industrial standard HD44780 Character LCD with single row connection. The software configuration supported many LCD geometry included: 2x16, 2x20, 2x24, 2x40, 4x16 and 4x20.

The SLCD-3 provides for variable backlight intensity. The backlight current is controlled by a MOSFET. The maximum backlight intensity is controlled with a series limiting resistor. Also, the contrast can be adjust through a potentiometer.

The SLCD-3 provides a 64 character buffer. However, to avoid framing errors, it is suggested the user initially provide a one millisecond delay between each character.

The SLCD-3 provides an on-board buzzer for 50 ms beeping.

A source of +5 VDC with a minimum current of 20 mA is required for this unit.


Low cost
Compatible with any industrial standard HD44780 Character LCD with single row connection.
Configurable for many LCD geometry included: 2x16, 2x20, 2x24, 2x40, 4x16 and 4x20.
Built-in font with provision for up to 8 user-defined characters
Fixed baud rate at 9600
Communicate over serial UART TTL (+5V and 0V) or USB interface
On USB version, a feature of communicates over the USB with miniB USB connector is added. The unit can be powered directly from the USB port (no external power needed). Drivers are available for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, XP Embedded and CE.NET 4.2 & 5.0. Mac OS8/9, OS-X and Linux 2.4 and greater are supported.
Fully buffered up to 64 character so that no delays in transmission should be necessary
Hardware controlled contrast
Software controlled backlight intensity
Master reset pin
4 general purpose outputs for a variety of applications
Programmable tab size and cursor style
On-board speaker (beeper)
Big Number Mode
Custom Text Screen
Small size 2.4"x1.3"

The kit comes all of the parts and easy to assembled. Please check Parts List document for more detail. There is a beginning experience with soldering iron required. Please see Assembly Instruction for more detail.


Parts List
Assembly Instruction
User Manual
Parallax LCD Character Creator (LCDCC) LCDCC software is credited to Parallax Inc. and intended to be used for educational purposes only.
LCD Custom Character for Windows
LCD Custom Character for MAC