Serial RS-232 UART Adapter

Serial RS-232 UART Adapter
Item# RS232-ADP
$14.99, 10/$134.91, 25/$299.80

Product Description:

Serial RS-232 UART Adapter
RS232-ADP is a high-speed RS232 Serial RS232 to UART TTL level converter module. It is allow you to connect the serial COM port on your computer directly to the module. The module then translates RS232 level to TTL level on the TXD and RTS lines. Also, translate TTL level back to RS232 level on RXD and CTS lines.

This board features innovations that set it apart from other RS232 Adapter boards. Innovations feature like RXD and TXD status LEDs. Quick and easy connect that you can plug directly on to the breadboard. The board is small and compact in size 1.50 x 1.25 inches.

The TX and RX pins from the RS232-ADP can be connected directly to RX and TX pins of your preferred 5V logic microcontroller. You only need to supply 5VDC to the board.

The RS232-ADP board is perfect for embedded systems that require a serial connection to a computer. The board attaches directly to the computer COM port via a serial DB9 cable. The PC serial port transmits and receives signals at +/-12V while TTL devices including microcontroller operate at +5V and GROUND. In order for you to interface between the two, you’ll need this interfacing circuit.


10-PIN    Name    DB9    Voltage Converted

     1        +5V      N/A
     2        RXD       2          YES
     3        TXD       3          YES
     4        GND       5    
     5        RTS        7          YES
     6        CTS       8          YES
     7        CD         1          NO
     8        DTR       4          NO
     9        DSR       6          NO
     10        RI        9          NO


• True RS232 level conversion
• Meets all EIA-232-E and V.28 specifications
• High speed up to 200 KB/S transmission rate
• Operate from a single 5V supply
• TXD and RXD status LEDs
• Decoupling supply voltage
• Design easy for breadboard
• High quality double sided PCB
• Full hardware handshaking
• All SMT components
• -40 to +85C operating range
• Small and compact in size 1.50 x 1.25 inches
• Straight 0.1” header pins
• Full access to all DB9 interface pins

For more information please see: RS232-ADP User Manual