SerIO Serial Interface Patform

SerIO Serial Interface Patform
Item# SerIO
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Product Description:

The SerIO is a serial interface platform for creating physical computing projects controlled from a computer. The board gives access to 14 digital input and output pins, six analog output pins and eight analog input pins through a serial interface. This allows the creation of physical computing projects wihtout having to modify and code on the hardware platform. Projects that involve the use of analog sensors, buttons, LEDs, buzzers, motors and many more electronic components can be controlled from any environment that has access to a serial port; some examples of controlling environments are Visual Basic, Python, LabView and Processing, but it's certainly not limited to those languages!


Built with the ATMega328
Powered from USB
Serial Communication over USB at 57600bps, 8-N-1
14 digital I/O Pins
6 Analog Output Pins
8 Analog Input Pins
Simple Serial Command Interface for I/O Manipulation
Arduino Bootloader Installed


User Guide
SerIO Source Code

Interfacing with the SerIO:

Accelerometer Example (Processing Sketch)
Ambient Light Sensor Example (Processing Sketch)
E-Mail Notifier (Python Example)