TESPA IoT Development Platform

TESPA IoT Development Platform

Product Description:

We're very exciting to tell you about a complete IoT Development Platform called TESPA. It is now on KickStarter. Please help to support!

TESPA is a complete IoT development platform help you to create IoT solution within a few minutes.

TESPA – Bringing the most complete Internet of Things (IoT) development platform to Kickstarter

The TESPA platform which consists of hardware, software, mobile app and a cloud service is the complete development platform that allows anyone to develop their own customised IoT solutions. The main hardware is the TESPA “Hawk”, a powerful Wi-Fi-embedded micro-controller board that is used as a central processing board for a variety of IoT applications. Based on the popular ESP8266 chipset and the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microprocessor, the TESPA “Hawk” is used in combination with TESPA “Wings”, a set of customized stack-on boards to provide a neat and quick prototyping solution. The TESPA is the brainchild of three leading Thailand-based privately-held technology companies, namely: Maker Asia, Gravitech and Deaware, supported by Espressif Systems and ST Microelectronics.

“The IoT has always been a ‘blackbox’ to the masses and reserved for those who are either a super geek or an expert engineer. What if there is a way that anyone, including students or nontechnical folks can learn to build their own cool IoT projects? The three of us got together and saw an opportunity to make it possible through the TESPA” says Dr Jimmy Tejasen, Executive Director of MakerAsia.

After several weeks of deliberation, discussion and prototyping, they have created a complete system for IoT development which consists of an IoT development board (TESPA “Hawk”) with a set of 20 unique sensor & actuator boards (TESPA “Wings”), a mobile app and a free cloud service (TESPA.io). The beauty of the system is that it enables anyone to set up their devices and start controlling it in less than 5 minutes. “We spare no effort in using high quality and yet affordable components in the TESPA “Hawk” to inspire confidence from makers and engineers around the world in our board.”, added Dr Pan Tulabadi, founder of Gravitech.

TESPA hopes to raise $30,000 in the 4-week crowdfunding campaign. The campaign officially begins on 27 August 2015.