Universal 10 in 1 USB Multi Charger Cable

Universal 10 in 1 USB Multi Charger Cable
Item# CAB-USB0-10TO1

Product Description:

This amazing 10 in 1 USB cable is designed for synchronization between your portable devices and your PC. This is also a multi charger cable that provide instant recharging function which you do not have to bring the power adapter all the time. It is extremely light and perfect for travel!

Note: This is for power only (+5V and Ground). No USB data pins are provide with this cable.


10 connectors compatible with many cellphones
Integrated microchip preventing it from overcharging and lengthens battery life


Mini USB
Micro USB
Coaxial IEC 60130-10 Type C (3.8 mm OD, 1.4 mm ID)
Coaxial IEC 60130-10 Type E (3.4 mm OD, 1.3 mm ID)
Coaxial (2.0 mm OD, 0.6 mm ID)
Sony PSP
Sony Ericsson
LG 18-pin
Nokia 3.6
iPhone 30-pin
Samsung 20-pin
Nokia 2.0
many more