ZILOG 8051 Z51F6412 Development Board

ZILOG 8051 Z51F6412 Development Board
Item# 8051-Z51F6412-DEV
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Product Description:

8051-Z51F6412-DEV is a Microcontroller Board in a series of MCS51 that is a new release from Zilog Inc. In past years, Zilog Inc. has made and developed Microprocessor in a series of Z80 that is popularly widespread. Zilog Inc. has lately developed a new Microcontroller in a series of MCS51 called Z8051. The Z8051 has 8BIT CISC Single Chip Microcontroller that uses the architectural structure for processing data of MCS51 according to the Intel format. However, Zilog has developed and modified all new operational system with I/O Peripheral such as I/O Port, UART and Timer/Counter. In this case, it still controls and access these I/O Peripherals through SFR (Special Function System), similarly to Intel. So, the format of the programming to command the operation is still the same as MCS51 from Intel. Moreover, Zilog also develops and improves the efficiency of Z8051 to be higher standard of the MCS51; such as speed of processing data, increasing unit for mathematical calculation of 32Bit integral multiplication and division, energy management, and adding special I/O Peripherals such as GPIO Port, Pin Pull-Up, Pin Debounce, Pin Change Interrupt, USART, SPI, I2C, ADC, Timer/Counter/Capture/PWM, and Buzzer Control. Furthermore, it can support Interrupt better than the MCS51. As mentioned above, user can write program to command Hardware easily and reduces complex procedures for developing program.


• Use MCU Z8051 No.Z51F6412 on board (MCS51 from Zilog Inc.); Run by the maximum frequency of 16MHz (processing data with 125nS/1 Machine Cycle) from Internal Oscillator
• 64KByte Flash/ 3KByte XRAM/ 256 Byte IRAM
• Use architectural structure of MCS51 for processing data (2 Clock/ 1 Machine Cycle)
• Internal Oscillator 16MHz (inconsistency is not higher than +/-2% ), dividend by 2,4,8,16, from program
• 66Bit GPIO Port that can be programmed to be various Peripheral I/O as follows;
     - 15 Channel 12Bit ADC
     - 4 Channel UART
     - 2 Channel SPI
     - 1 Channel I2C
     - 2 Channel 8Bit Timer/Counter (T0,T1); it can be used together to be 16Bit 1 Channel
     - 4 Channel 16 Bit Timer/Counter/PWM(T2,T3,T4,T5)
     - 8 Bit External Interrupt Trigger(INT0…INT7)
     - 16 Bit Pin Change Interrupt Trigger(P0,P7)
     - Internal Pin Pull-Up; every pin can be set to Enable/Disable independently
     - Internal Pin Debounce; every pin can be set to Enable/Disable independently
     - 1 Channel Buzzer Drive
• Support Interrupt from 32 sources devices, 32 Vector
• Circuit Calculator for 32Bit integral multiplication and division
     - 16Bit x 16Bit integral multiplication, it takes 1 Cycle Clock.
     - 32Bit/ 16Bit integral division, it takes 32 Cycle Clock.
• Watch Timer and Watch Dog Timer
• Power-ON Reset at 1.4V
• Programmable Brown-Out Detect(1.6V, 2.5V, 3.6V and 4.2V)
     - Crystal Frequency 10 MHz (Option) for application that requires very high accuracy
     - Crystal Frequency 32 KHz (Option) + PLL; it can set the frequency multiplication to be 14.75 MHz
     - 2 Channels Circuit Line Driver for RS232 UART Serial Port Communication by using Connector UART CPA-A 4Pin
• 1 Channel for Hardware UART0 by using Pin P0.2(TX0) and Pin P0.3(RX0)
• 1 Channel for Hardware UART1 by using Pin P3.2(TX1) and Pin P3.3(RX1)
     - Buzzer with Jumper to connect/disconnect Buzzer Driver (P5.0)
     - 1 Push-Button Switch to test operation of Input by using P8.0
     - 1 LED to display status when testing operation of Output by using P8.1
     - SW RESET with Circuit RC-Reset
     - 8 of Connector I/O Header 2x5(P0,P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7)
     - Connector OCD-PORT 10Pin IDE according the standard of Zilog; it can be used with Program Developer and Debugger under standard of Z8051 on-Chip-Debugger/Programmer (ET-Z8051 OCD)
• Power +5VDC Input with Regulate 3.3V/1A and LED to display operating status of Power. Jumper to choose Power Supply for providing MCU either to be +5VDC or 3.3VDC.
• Dimensions: 3.26” x 2.44” x 0.58”


8051-Z51F6412-DEV Manual
Z51F6412 Datasheet